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Modern Warm Air heaters are in demand from all market sectors for both replacement of older heaters and for new heating systems. They offer a number of options to improve comfort conditions and efficiency.

A Warm Air central heating system will provide quick warm up times to comfort levels expected from a modern heating system. The air in the house can also be electronically cleaned by Cleanflow Johnson & Starleys electronic air filtration system and the heater can also incorporate a water heater. Warm Air is introduced into the room via discreet registers or diffusers which leave wall space free for positioning of furniture.

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Modern warm air heaters with electronic controls provide stable room temperatures, excellent comfort conditions and greater fuel efficiency. This is all combined with smooth, quiet operation. No more cold spots and draughts that were characteristics of the old systems.

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The Lennox G61MPVT range of high efficiency condensing warm air heaters were introduced into the UK in 2007 but have been sold on both the USA and Australian markets since 2003.


Modern air heaters have intelligent control systems that monitor the control of the appliance ensuring the most efficient operation. Field trials have proven savings up to 18% on running costs.

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With allergies becoming more common, modern heaters have the option of electronic filtration by adding Cleanflow. This means that all of the air in your house can be electronically cleaned, up to 6 times per hour. The filter removes 95% of all airborne particles down to 1 micron. Pollen is approx 100 microns and tobacco smoke is 1 micron. This will provide a cleaner, healthier home environment which is especially beneficial for hay fever sufferers and those with respiratory complaints.

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Where the existing ductwork cannot be extended or installed and warm air can not be supplied to certain rooms, radiators can be installed and supplied with the heat from the integral hot water circulator (an option with most modern heaters).

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Most modern air heaters now offer the option of an integral domestic hot water circulator. Mounted within the air heater it provides efficient and economical hot water. Larger output circulators are available on some models to supply hot water to radiators as well as domestic hot water.


New pressed steel registers and grilles are inconspicuous and have a white powder coated finish. Available in a range of sizes, and designed for existing, and new systems, they are easy to remove for decorating and have adjustable vanes.

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